Who is Granolacrystals


Welcome to my virtual shop, I'm Vanessa and this is my world!

I am a young woman who is rediscovering the colors of life, I create jewelery with metals and natural stones trying to make sense of the chaos that accompanies me during my days.

I live in a small house surrounded by mountains and rivers with the person I love and our three dogs. I love being outdoors, experiencing adventures in the countryside and dedicating myself to those loved ones who bring light-heartedness without disturbing my peace.


Since I was little I have always wanted to work with dogs and do good for people. I studied to become a trainer/educator with the dream of then being able to specialize in Pet Therapy, in Italy known as Animal Assisted Interventions. With the arrival of Shadi (my dog) things changed drastically. She turned out to be unsuitable for this job and, despite trying to pursue my dream, after many years of effort and tears I put everything aside.

Here I met my better half, who like me came from the "world of dogs". We fell in love and our beautiful love story began.


Throughout my young life I held several jobs while studying.

I loved doing all those potentially beautiful jobs, but I hated from the bottom of my soul the toxic (and not at all transparent) environment in which I was trapped and in which the respect towards me was zero.

Among my moral values, the first on the list are respect, honesty and kindness, as well as the exasperated search for inner peace.

I therefore decided to give myself another chance, to create something of my own and to give space to my creative side, a trait of my personality that has remained repressed for too long.

I have always been attracted by stones, their meanings and their properties. I attended an artist fair with a friend of mine who made macramé jewelry and I started to get a little more interested. Months earlier I bought my first Rose Quartz pendant (stone of unconditional love) from her which, believe it or not, guided me and helped me make all the choices that led me to my partner.

A year later I took off the Rose Quartz amulet (because I started to feel a sensation of discomfort every time I wore it) and my eyes were captivated by a beautiful Apatite pendant. I bought it shortly after realizing that the stone that was calling me had all the properties I needed at that moment. I began to get closer and closer to the world of minerals, and to purchase stones that "called my name" or of which I perceived an attractive aura.

After a few months, fate returned: a gift arrived from a special person, a book with all the properties of stones. Here a Fluorite (stone of creativity) also happened in my life and the enlightenment came: "yes, I will create jewels in my style and make it a job."


And here we are, at the beginning of this journey. After months of organization and study, I opened my online shop with the idea of ​​creating jewels that could fully express my personality and give people the wonderful properties of the stones I chose to create them.

Each jewel is unique. My creations are inspired by personal experiences, people and animals in my life and what caught my eyes at a certain moment. The stones I choose are natural and their properties are described together with the metals in the description of each individual jewel. The sources and provenance of the components of my creations are chosen with the utmost care and respect for ethics.

In the coming months there will be lots of news and if you don't want to miss anything I invite you to follow me on my Instagram page @granolacrystals 🧚‍♀️

Thanks for visiting my shop, see you soon!

Vanessa 🦋